How Jossle Works

You Order Events

Teams of two student ambassadors sell your product or service to their peers within a high traffic location on campus. We require any digital or promotional materials needed for the promotion. With our relationships to printing companies we can save you money on printing.

We make the Events Happen

Your student ambassadors and their peers engage in social media throughout the events. Ambassadors distribute flyers and/or other promotional items you provide. Ambassadors may also distribute promotional items within large dorms or major halls.

You reap the benefits

You’ll not only gain new users or purchases and receive pictures of the events, but also student ambassadors reports detailing student responses and feedback for your product or service. This equips you with customer feedback and sentiments faster than any other method.

Your Student Ambassadors at a Glance

Student Ambassadors


You sign up to run 40 events in your local market. Let’s say Boston University, UMass Boston, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). We tap into our network of more than 100,000 student ambassadors nationwide. We organize and train the student teams to execute events on campus within campus centers, dining halls, and other high traffic locations.

Student Ambassadors

Active Promotion

Throughout the 40 events you’ll receive pictures of each event, social media activity and word of mouth on the chosen campuses. Most importantly, you’ll gain new users, purchases, and improve on other metrics important to your brand.

Student Ambassadors

Continuous Growth Strategy

We send you a report which captures student ambassadors reports, findings/feedback from the events and our own expertise. We observe that a particular phrase works best to generate users or purchases and that small schools are most effective for your promotion. We hone new events and promotional items to these findings and gain even more users or purchases.

Why use Jossle?

Saves you time.

More than 100,000 student ambassadors. We do this for a living. Saving you time (& money) on recruiting and managing ambassadors.


You didn’t found your company to become an expert at recruiting and managing student ambassadors. But we did.

Cost Effective

We offer the most cost-effective student ambassadors program. Available to you at a rate that is able to be budgeted and scaled.

Scale made Simple

As your new Chief Campus Officer we have the capacity to scale what works for you – backed by our own knowledge in the field and the reports and findings specific to your promotion.

Run your promotion without the hassle of finding and managing students.

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